Preparing to mediate?

Are you facing an upcoming mediation?

Do you need help understanding and organizing your thoughts?

Are you unsure about what you will need and how to present your concerns and perspectives in a way that they will be understood?

Are you overwhelmed about how to articulate the outcomes you seek and what your options are?

Are you emotionally affected and aren’t sure how to separate fact from fiction anymore?

I work with individuals who are preparing to mediate for:

  • Employment disputes;
  • Separation and custody settlements;
  • Tenancy disputes; and
  • Family conflict

Why consider mediation coaching?

Mediation, like any legal process, can be an overwhelming, emotionally taxing and stressful. It doesn’t have to be though and that’s where I come in.

By allowing me to support you in preparing for your mediation you will be in a much better position to articulate your desired outcome and work towards it in the process – in other words, you will have a much higher likelihood of feeling good about yourself and the process, whatever the outcome.

We will work together in a judgement-free space for you to receive the help, support and guidance you need to feel assured and prepared as you engage in the mediation process.

While mediation is a collaborative venue facilitated by a neutral third party it is still a legal process with potentially life-changing outcomes in which you are representing yourself. And believe me, I have made lots of the mistakes and learned the hard way when it comes to conflict and mediation which is good news for you because it means that you don’t have to.

Mediation is the most cost effective solution to resolve conflict but it’s also the most personal because it asks you to not only speak on your own behalf but to listen and consider the perspective of the other party.

While there is no imposed solution, you know that arriving at a solution could save you a small fortune in legal fees and months or years of legal process. It’s frustrating because you can’t control the process or the other parties but you can gain greater mastery of yourself so that you engage in the process whole heartedly and without regret.   

We all need help in these situations, I needed to be told that I needed help! So, if you’re intrigued, I invite you to join me in this supportive and strategic space and learn more about what’s involved in preparing for what’s ahead.

Here is an in-exhaustive list of things I can help with:

  • Preparing a summary report (sometimes requested by the mediator) before the first session;
  • Locate and organize financial documents;
  • Develop strategies to get emotional support;
  • Determine your desired outcome(s) and strategies for reaching those outcomes;
  • Budgetary planning (I love numbers!);
  • Assist you in researching your rights, obligations and options;
  • Articulate your concerns into clear and potent statements;
  • Assist in researching comparative information that will support the mediation proceedings;
  • Propose questions for your consideration so that you have the answers you need before you mediate; and
  • Debrief and make sense of what happened for you between and after sessions.

Visit my services for details on how we can work together.

You’ve set a professional standard that …[I haven’t]… seen in an age. Your true talent is that you’ve done it with grace, humility, humour and such passion that we can’t help but love you for it.

Stuart L.

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